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All That Glitters is Bronze


All That Glitters Is Bronze is a love letter to the Philippine tradition of Kulintang, which was once nearly wiped out by colonization. Around the Bay Area in California, a local band called Kulintang Dialect is keeping the tradition alive. This short documentary offers a brief glimpse of the cosmos through clips of performances interspersed with interviews from the band.

Our Review:

It just takes one man’s dream to achieve anything but to that one man his dream becomes everything. Danongan Kalanduyan efforts to resurface the lost Filipino tradition music and to take it to the community is a truly a gift and a legacy he has left behind. The bands effort in tapping the opportunity and its aim to pass it to the generations coming after is a commendable act. This documentary film by itself is very colourful. The music is very soothing & energizing. It creates an urge to hear more of it. It’s very important to not only preserves the tradition but to make it available for the community which can learn, understand & appreciate it. The only way is by getting the community and the families involved. This film is definitely an honor to Danongan Kalanduyan & the Kulintang Dialect band members.

Director Biography - Jinji Sayson

Jinji is a Cebuana Filipina-American filmmaker based in the Bay Area, California. Her many passions include playing piano and percussion, as well as performing Kulintang music, writing essays, poetry, cultural critiques and activism.

Director Statement

This film will always be special to me because it celebrates an important cultural touchstone to me as a first-generation Filipina-American. Over the summer of 2020, I discovered the cosmology of Kulintang - and subsequently, I ended up channeling my Classical artistry into a new project as a member of Bay Area band Kulintang Dialect. I made this film so that other Filipinx-Americans can learn about this world, and hopefully they, and others will be inspired to research and reconnect with their roots.


  • Jinji SaysonDirector

  • Jinji SaysonWriter

  • Conrad J BenedictoKey Cast

  • Monina Sen CervoneKey Cast

  • Michelle LiwanagKey Cast

  • Monette BenitezKey Cast

  • Matthew Espina HarrisKey Cast

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