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Call Me Dre (Screenplay)

Synopsis: Coming to a new school, Dre Sithole just wants to be accepted for who he is on the inside, not what he looks like on the outside. It is hard for others to accept and adhere to his pronouns, but Dre hopes that this challenge doesn't interfere with his passion for basketball.

Our Review:

It was more like watching a film rather than reading a script. Beautifully written.!!!

Every character is solid. Kwan is equally the protagonist of this script. All one needs is a friend in deed. Dre does have the determination but it does need a Kwan to nudge you to never give up. Acceptance is the most important aspect of any child and especially for the adolescents. The positive approach of both, the class teacher & the basketball coach was a good attempt to portray how one to make or break a child. Nothing more to add to this perfect script. It will make an excellent film, a real eye opener for everyone especially to parents, adolescents and those involved in children care.

Writer— Kenni York


  • Project Type: Screenplay

  • Number of Pages: 10

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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