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A frustrated and desperate woman wants to ask the answer of "how to commit suicide without pain" on the Internet. Seeing the answer, she finally has her own choice…

Our Review:

The main cast who is apparently the only one has performed so well. The entire background score is sensational. Video quality & aesthetics are commendable. With shrinking social setup, lack of personal connect and broken relationship, one tends to rely on social media, sometime even for life demanding situations. Social media can throw random stuff, sometime garbage and at times a healing wand. What one pick depends completely on the spur of the moment. What our cast choose, give fresh breath of air and makes us wish her good luck… Only one thing that needs to be worked on is the Subtitles.

Director Biography - ya chen

Chen ya, born on August 21, 1990. Non professional classes, because of their dream of directing, taught themselves to direct. Grade 3 of primary school independently produced two short videos of the plot due to interest. In 2007, he successfully transformed his design company, which has been operating for many years, into a film and television company. He directs nearly 100 different types of advertising films every year. He officially made his first short film in 2021.


ya chen Director

ya chen Writer

ya chen Producer

Peng Cheng Producer

Yang Yang Producer

Sammy Producer

tang Producer

hai Producer

Fangfang Lei Key Cast

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