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Eyes (Short Film Screenplay)


This story follows a girl who finds something ominous in the middle of the dark woods after her car is struck by something almost Inhuman.

  • Tori Renee Lewis Writer

Our Review

“Eyes” by Tori Renee Lewis is a gripping short story that packs a cinematic punch, making it an excellent candidate for adaptation into a short film. The tale masterfully weaves suspense and horror, capturing the reader’s attention from the beginning and holding it tightly until the shocking conclusion.

The story centers around Emilee and Shaun, whose seemingly ordinary car trip turns into a nightmare when Emilee spots an indistinct figure accompanied by unsettling noises. Her decision to investigate plunges her into a horrifying encounter in a dark forest, escalating to a terrifying confrontation with a monstrous entity marked by black tentacles and a giant, menacing eye. The climax is both gruesome and heart-pounding, as the tentacles not only claim Shaun but also horrifically consume Emilee, leaving nothing behind.

The narrative’s strength lies in its vivid imagery and relentless pace, which would translate well on screen. With the right direction and cinematography that captures the eerie, claustrophobic atmosphere of the forest and the shocking visuals of the tentacle attack, this story could easily be a standout piece in horror filmmaking. The plot is concise yet powerful, with scenes that are tailor-made for visual adaptation, ensuring the audience would be on the edge of their seats. In conclusion, Tori Renee Lewis’s “Eyes” is not just a compelling read but also a promising blueprint for a suspense-filled, visually captivating short film.

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