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Anniversary is a short film about a young couple whose way of loving is deeply affected by the circumstances caused by the sudden border closure between their respective countries.

Our Review

This film offers valuable takeaways, such as the importance of taking time to do nothing, the notion that time is life, and the realization that eternal time would make life boring. It also emphasizes the value of being present in the moment. Living a contented life is the greatest accomplishment anyone can achieve. If one can look back on their life with a smile, that's a life well-lived. This minimalist movie is a refreshing departure from current productions, and the world would benefit from more films like it. Ultimately, freedom and independence are what we all seek. The art, dialogues, sub-titles, background score, direction, camera work, artist expression, black-and-white tone, and cinematography are all praiseworthy. This hidden gem of a film is highly recommended, and it deserves to be seen by more people.

Director Biography - davide canali Davide Canali was born in Anagni in 1981. His predisposition for art studies led him to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, where he graduated in 2004 with a thesis on Theory and the mass-media approach in relation to the art world. Although his main interest is directed towards photography and video, he studied sculpture in the Academy, also attending courses at the Academy of Carrara, where he experimented chalk practise and marble processing. In 2003 he participated in a group exhibit for students, with the “Concave Space” work at the Archaeological Museum of Castro dei Volsci. Afterwards, in the same year, he presented the “Kamicaze” work at the Academies Sixth Symposium, held in Suvereto (LU). This work gave life to the “Kamicaze 2” installation for the 8Arte event. In 2004 he went back to work on the video image with the documentary “the Rom Italy” on the sociohistorical situation of the Rom communities in Italy, with special attention to the artistic heritage of the Sinti. This is a 20 minutes’ documentary, selected by Citizen Report, which aired on RAI Educational. From 2004 to 2008 he has worked as a programmer, operator and editor for various national newspapers, such as TG1 and TG2. Between 2008 and 2009 he has reverted to his days as sculptor with the “Migrants” work for the conference organized by the Culturale Attivart Association of Giuliano di Roma (Fr), sponsored by the Lazio Region, in the opening of the Museum of Ernica Volcanology. He performed an installation of 73 elements made by iron and lava stone, confirming a special attention to social problems due to people migration. 2010 is an important year for Davide, who passed from using the analog system to the digital one. He organized a study tour and research in Lisbon, confirming its sensitivity to disadvantaged social groups, choosing the Portuguese capital for its colonial past, as well for a personal tribute to the writer Tabucchi, who he started to love after reading Requiem. The report was carried out in the suburbs, crossroads of African migration. His first solo exhibition “Lomo and Zenith” came from this experience, curated by Loredana Galassini, at the Utopian City of Rome. In 2010 he directed the photography in the documentary “The Best of Youth of Monstar” by Giuseppe Valente, on the new ethnic identity of the people of Monstar, after the bloody events of 90’s. In 2011, he won the special prize Pietro Cross with the video “If I were you” for Loredana Galassini. The video was made for the scientific committee against vivisection, sponsored by Equivita. In 2013, he realized “Esaclorocitoesano”, an installation-report on pollution of the Sacco valley, for the day of the culture of Frosinone. In 2014 he dedicated himself to the analog-digital comparison, with the installation “Analog Solitude, the Poetics of Duale” at the Mancinelli palace in Ferentino (Fr), for the 15th edition of 8Arte. In 2015 the travelling exhibition “Lampedusa”, organized in collaboration with Giancarlo Canepa, was a complaint against segregation, cause of all forms of racism. In 2016 he realized the documentary “Enaria” about ethnic and geographic identity of the island of Ischia. This work is selected in the NIS Serbian festival, and chosen as semifinalist documentary at “Cinefest” in Los Angeles. Videoart He has started to produce short artistic videos from 2015 , which are very conceptual and effective in their content. Consistent with his thinking and his choices, the theme concerns the drama of the human condition, a reflection on the migration of peoples, which he defines in his blog as the bondage in all its expressions. Titles: “Amniotic” “Always be my brother” From 2017, some private passages, inspire him in the production of a series of courts on Man, resulting from the interaction between the external world, in which he moves and relates, and the internal world made of pains, desires and resilience. Titles: “Passing Souls” “Different Pulses” “Cyclamen” “Colibri ” In 2021 created the project together with the Italian / Portuguese artist Helena Valsecchi. An art project on the origins of the sacred, in an anthropological vision. Result of a collaborative creation residency on the west coast of Portugal, April 2021. PHOTOGRAPHY During his study and research trips in Africa (Morocco) and in Europe, its reportagedenounce were made in suburban areas, where social contrasts are more evident, manifesting an indignation towards all forms of human exploitation in his shots. PRIZES AND AWARDS 2021 – Semifinalist at the “Serbest International Film Festival (SIFF)” Moldova with Colibri 2021 – Semifinalist at the “Rome Outcast Independent Film Award” Rome (ITALY) with Colibri  2020 – Selection at yhe”IndieCinema” Rome (ITALY) with Colibri  2020 – Selection at the “Berlin revolution film festival” Berlin (GERMANy) with Cyclamen 2020 – Finalist at the “Lisbon film rendezvous” Lisbon (PORTUGAL) with Cyclamen 2020 – Exposition ISOLATION. LIVING APART “Spazio Millepiani” Rome (ITALY) 2020 – Exposition “HYB4 Galerie” Prague (CZECH REPUBLIC) 2020 – Best Camera at the “Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival” Moscow (RUSSIA) with Cyclamen 2019 – Collective Exposition at the “URBAN 2019 – ASP-ITIS Place, Trieste (ITALY) with Cyclamen 2019 – Selection at the “San Diego International Film Festival “ USA with Cyclamen 2019 – Selection at the “Peak City International Film Festival” USA with Cyclamen 2019 – Selection at the “Paadmaan Video Event 2019 – IRAN with Cyclamen 2019 – Selection at the “Little Islands Festival Sykinos” GREECE with Cyclamen 2019 – Selection at the “Crown Wood International Film Festival” INDIA with Cyclamen 2019 – Selection at the “CODEC/Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental y V deo” MEXICO with Cyclamen 2019 – Selection at the “Cefal  Film Festival” ITALY with Cyclamen 2019 – Selection at the “UNO FILM FEST” USA with Cyclamen 2019 – Selection at the “SUBURBINALE” AUSTRIA with Cyclamen 2019 – Screening at the “Videolands” MoMus – Arts Experimental Center of Salonicco (GREECE) with Cyclamen 2019 – Ponzano Prize at the “Venice Land Art Prize” Treviso (ITALY) with Cyclamen 2019 – Nomination at the “VeniceLands ArtPrize” Treviso (ITALY) with Cyclamen 2019 – Nomination at the “Children Of Surreal Minds Into Countercultures” X m Bắc Cầu (VIETNAM) with Cyclamen 2019 – Best Silent Film Winner at the “Cult Critic Movie Awards” Kolkata (INDIA) with Cyclamen 2019 – Best Silent Film Nomination at the “Jean Luc Godard Awards” Kolkata (INDIA) with Cyclamen 2019 – Best Silent Film Finalist at the “Oniros Film Awards” Aosta (ITALY) with Cyclamen 2018 – Selection at the “Video Art Miden” Kalamata (GREECE) with Different Pulses 2018 – Selection at the “MEDff – Mediterranean Film Festival” ITALY with Passing Souls 2018 – Selection at the “Suburbinale” AUSTRIA with Passing Souls 2018 – Selection at the “Roma Cinema DOC” ITALY with Passing Souls 2018 – Selection at the “Cefal  Film Festival” ITALY with Passing Souls 2018 – Screening at the “BCK Film Symposium Balkan Can Kino” MEME Gallery of Atene (GREECE) with Difeerent Pulses 2018 – Finalist at the “3 Minutes 3 Days Film Festival” IRAQ with Different Pulses 2018 – Finalist at the “Corti di Mare” Modica (ITALY) with Enaria 2018 – Best Silent Film Winner at the “European Cinematography Awards” AMSTERDAM with Cyclamen 2018 – Best Short Film Nomination at the “Move me Production” BELGIUM with Passing Souls 2017 – Special award for directing at the “GEOFILMFESTIVAL and EXPOCINEMA” ITALY with Enaria 2017 – Semifinalist at the “Los Angeles CineFest” USA with Enaria 2017 – Semifinalist at the “Llanberis Adventure & Mountain Film” UK with Enaria 2017 – Selection at the “The WE Festival” BELGIUM with Enaria 2017 – Finalist at the “Festival Internazionale del cinema documentario Marcellino De Baggis” ITALY with Enaria 2016 – Selection at the “FAMEUS International Film Festival” USA with Enaria 2016 – Selection at the “Largo Film Awards” SWITZERLAND with Enaria 2016 – Selection at the “FreeNetWorld” (10  anniversario) SERBIA with Enaria


  • davide canali Director

  • Donatello Brida Key Cast


  • Project Type: Short

  • Runtime: 14 minutes

  • Completion Date: June 6, 2022

  • Production Budget: 0 USD

  • Country of Origin: Portugal

  • Country of Filming: Portugal

  • Language: Italian

  • Shooting Format: digitale

  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1

  • Film Color: Black & White

  • First-time Filmmaker: No

  • Student Project: No

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