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Just Like Us (Short Film Screenplay)


an educational health story about a support group supporting each other with STDs

Our Review

This story depicts the triumph of human spirit in the face of adversity. A group of people with STD offer hope and inspiration to one another.

Joe was celibate for a long time, then had sex with a young woman and a few weeks later found he was infected with gonorrhea. Danyelle got infected with Chlamydia from 3rd boyfriend. Pete had got Hepatitis B from an infected needle used to get an arm tattoo. Santiago got syphilis from an extra-marital affair. Camille was HIV positive as a result of being sexually active without protection.

This story teaches us lot of life lessons. It tells us not to be judgemental and support each other, while looking for sunshine at the end of the tunnel. Very deep emotions and it’s definitely a challenge to be portrayed on screen, a good read though.

Writer - Cortez Mack

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