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Limbo (Short Film Screenplay)

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Synopsis: Beste, a promising violinist who is living in England, needs to return to Turkey to see her seriously ill father. But, the bureaucratic problems she faces in order to go back put her into a dilemma and force her to make a difficult decision; between love and ideals.

If she goes back to see her father, she may not be able to return to England. Or she will stay in England and miss the opportunity to see her father for the last time. Moreover, Beste has very little time to make her decision between love and ideals.

Our Review

Limbo is a poignant script that grapples with a complex message, but its endearing qualities allow it to come close to genuine profundity. The story revolves around Beste, who is faced with a difficult dilemma - on one hand, she needs to support her unwell father and her sister, and on the other hand, she has worked tirelessly for years to achieve her career aspirations. If Beste decides to return to her father, it will be a one-way trip that will force her to abandon her career goals. On the other hand, if she chooses to prioritize her career, she will miss her chance to see her father before he passes away. It's not fair to criticize Beste for prioritizing her career, as it's not just her dream but also her father's. However, how will Beste feel years from now? Will she regret her decision and question her moral compass? Will she feel like she let her family down? Only time can tell.

Overall, Limbo is a compelling story that showcases the strength of one's willpower and emotional resilience.


  • Tia Fada Writer

  • Omer Dernek Creator


  • Project Type: Student, Short Script

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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