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Little Lost Lamb

Synopsis Evelyn is raised to be a sacrifice in her father's satanic cult but her beliefs are challenged when she is confronted by an unwilling fellow sacrifice.

Director Biography - Hilina Da Costa Gomez

Hilina is an Amsterdam based filmmaker and literature student interested in historical, crime and suspense fiction. After earning her Bachelors in Literature, Hilina worked as a script development assistant in Los Angeles, where she fell in love with filmmaking. Having recently graduated with a Bachelors in Digital Film Production, Hilina is working towards directing and producing original content. Zimbabwean raised with Ethiopian and Dutch parentage, Hilina uses her unique cultural perspective to offer fresh new takes in visual storytelling.

Our Review

Director Hilina Da Costa Gomez talent can be observed in little things. Mind blowing performance especially by Evelyn, seems she has lived this role instead of portraying it on screen. It shows intense hard work of actor which is highly commendable. Every act, every move is so well put together. Story grips you and won't let your eyes, mind and heart waver away for a second. The eerie background score works its magic for most of the time and hence you remain alert for what’s coming ahead. Little lost lamb is tightly paced and a powerfully written script.


  • Hilina Da Costa Gomez Director

  • Cayley Bursik Writer

  • Hilina Da Costa Gomez Writer

  • Stina Erlingsdottir Producer

  • Glenn Coenen Key Cast

  • Janna Heijne Key Cast

  • Cayley Bursik Key Cast


  • Project Type: Short, Student

  • Completion Date: September 1, 2022

  • Country of Origin: Netherlands

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: No

  • Student Project: Yes - SAE Institue Project: No

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