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Pointé Blank


A Turkish ballerina confronts the demanding strains of home life after opting for her artistry over financial allure.

Our Review

Pointé Blank by Ugur Bilgen, San Metin Sozer narrates the story of thousands around the world who silently suffer from domestic violence.

Alin, a beautifully dancer who is immersed in her art, quietly suppresses her pain in it. Point Blank tells the truth how people like Alin tolerate it beyond necessity and at one point lose it totally. Background score and cinematography is outstanding.

Director - Ugur Bilgen, San Metin Sozer


  • Ugur Bilgen

  • San Metin Sozer

  • San Metin Sozer

  • Ugur Bilgen

  • San Metin Sozer

  • Ugur Bilgen

  • Idil Salis

  • Yusuf Onay

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