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Reprise (Short Film Screenplay)


A young woman plans to propose to her girlfriend and prepares a special dinner for the occasion. When the time comes and she tries to pop the question, the day resets and she finds herself trapped in a time loop.

Our Review:

This is a totally different story, nothing like we have come across before...After a certain point im definite the reader is likely to get more anxious than Manuela...oh will this ever end? Did it rise a fear of the possibility within? This will definitely be a funny yet serious movie. Was it dejavu or the time loop or Manuela fighting the demons within to open up to her father? All said and done, brilliant script!

Writer Biography - Jules Franchetto

Jules Franchetto is originally from São Paulo, Brazil. She is a professional actress, dancer, and athlete. She is part of the Los Angeles Stella Adler Academy of Acting alumni. Jules started acting at age 17 in Brazil, and received a talent-based scholarship for the New York Film Academy at 19 while attending film school. At 21, she spent the summer in New York for an acting workshop at the Maggie Flanigan studio, and at 23 decided to temporarily move to the US and focus solely on her acting career. Her most recent theater credits include Appropriate (2018) directed by Bonnie McNeil, Chekhov in Yalta (2018) directed by Rick Peters, and The Importance of Being Earnest (2019), directed by César di Bello. Recent film credits include Laura (2018) directed by Bárbara Mattos, Facsimile (2019) directed by Chloe Feller and God Bless (2019), directed by Elvis Nolasco.


  • Project Title (Original Language): Reprise

  • Project Type: Short Script

  • Genres: Drama, Comedy

  • Number of Pages: 20

  • Country of Origin: Brazil

  • Language: English, Portuguese

  • First-time Screenwriter: Yes

  • Student Project: No

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