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Video Man


Video rental stores are dying, but not before you.

Filmed and edited entirely on iPhone during early stage COVID stay-at-home era.

Our Review:

You can call this film as a dark comedy. It is very sad to know that so many businesses perished due to technology Advancement. One such and glaring is this video rental. It used to be such a source of family entertainment till the past one decade. The movie was shot during the lockdown of early Covid scenario with just an iPhone. Could have been shot better in terms of camera angles and shots. Overall a good film that conveys what it tries to convey.

Director Biography - Peter Lundholm Peter Lundholm is a degenerate who's been making experimental films since he was 10.

Director Statement "I am a degenerate who's been making experimental films since I was 10."


  • Peter Lundholm Director

  • Peter Lundholm Writer

  • Peter Lundholm Producer The Old Quarter, Quiet in the Kitchen (Webseries)

  • Peter Lundholm Key Cast "Himself "

  • Kendall McCormick Key Cast "Voice of Britney"

  • Peter Lundholm Key Cast "Voice of Video Man"

  • Peter Lundholm Key Cast "Kevin"

  • Emerald Flowsion McCormick-Lundholm Key Cast "A Cat"


  • Project Type: Short

  • Genres: Experimental, Dark comedy

  • Runtime: 4 minutes 45 seconds

  • Shooting Format: Iphone

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: No

  • Student Project: No

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