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I started Screenwriters Forum in April 2018. I have been a 42-year Pacific Grove resident, and during that time, I commuted between Pacific Grove and Los Angeles, where I worked in the television industry, involved in a multitude of creative tasks. As television director, producer, editor, and writer, I had been involved in countless projects, live broadcast, talk shows and documentaries in studios or on location. I have received three Emmy awards and various other awards for my work. Theatrical plays and screen writing have always been my real interests. In Los Angeles, I was a long time member of the New Playwrights Foundation writers group, which generated original stage and screenplay material. During this time, I enjoyed reading countless screenplays. In the 90s, our group operated a theatre in Hollywood that produced our own original plays. One of them was my, Headgames, Tales from the Id, which I have now adapted into a shooting script and produced video. Currently, I’ve had 6 selections or nominations at various Film and Screenplay Contests. One of the reasons I started Screenwriters Forum, other than to experience the incredible creative adrenaline it releases, was developing my own material as well as reading and assisting other writers with their works. Here each writer can learn a lot more about their own writing and the work of other fellow members in a supportive imaginative environment... A two way bonus! A partial list of shows I done may be found on the IMDB website:


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