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Anniversary is a short film about a young couple whose way of loving is deeply affected by the circumstances caused by the sudden border closure between their respective countries.

Director Biography - Ali Schmahl, Stefanie Schmahl

Ali Schmahl: Ali was born in Iran in 1988, studied architecture and works in the film industry since 2013. He’s been involved in a variety of productions as assistant director, first assistant camera, assistant to the production designer, camera operator, editor, producer, film distributor etc. In 2016, he founded his own company, a film-distribution company distributing both short and feature-length films from Iran. The films he distributed were screened during two years at more than 50 film festivals and won more than 15 awards. In 2018, he moved to Europe and started all over again. After dealing with many problems, in 2019 he was able to direct his short-film debut. In 2019 was also the year principal production of his feature-length documentary film “Privilege” commenced. The film was completed in 2020. Stefanie Schmahl: Born and raised in Germany, Stefanie gained her first stage experiences in local theatre productions before moving to New York City to study acting at the William Esper Studio. She will appear in “A Self-Tape Story” by Dorobantu Film&Television and “The Raw Edge of Moonlight” by the Já International Theatre in Portugal. After having joined the cast of “An Institution” and "God's Train to Auschwitz" for the Riant Theatre NYC, this is her debut short film.

Director Statement

Ali Schmahl: Even though there happen to be borders marking the end of one country and the beginning of another we shouldn't forget how we're connected. There shouldn't be any limit for us to love and be there for each other, so that we could spread humanity and fight against the things that separate us. Stefanie Schmahl: With this short film, I hope to remind us what a huge privilege it is to travel between countries as effortlessly as we have known in Europe for the last years. I would like to illustrate how easily this privilege can be taken away and that it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Hopefully, this movie encourages a wider perspective on nationalities and border concepts and reminds us that there are more important things in life.


  • Ali Schmahl Director

  • Stefanie Schmahl Director

  • Stefanie Schmahl Writer

  • Ali Schmahl Producer

  • Stefanie Schmahl Producer

  • Stefanie Schmahl Key Cast "Rebecca"

  • Giuseppe Tuzzolo Key Cast "David"

  • Virgile Bikindou DOP

  • Marcel Janick Paul Editor

  • Marko Cirkovic Composer


  • Project Type: Short

  • Genres: Drama, Surreal

  • Runtime: 18 minutes 31 seconds

  • Completion Date: January 16, 2022

  • Production Budget: 5,000 EUR

  • Country of Origin: Germany

  • Country of Filming: Germany

  • Language: English

  • Shooting Format: Digital

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: Yes

  • Student Project: No

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