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Bot The Farm (Short Film Screenplay)


In a post-apocalyptic farm house, two philosophically opposed AIs – the last two remnants of humanity – are forced to face the limits of their e-ternity when the pessimist's wind turbine starts to fail and the optimist tries to keep hope alive.

Writer Biography - Henry Sarwer-Foner

Henry Sarwer-Foner has a passion for stories rooted in relationships, told from the heart with fearless originality. He has an extensive track record directing actors and production teams to achieve a specific tone and vision. His niche is to get in at the conceptual level and shape shows from the ground up. He’s directed a dozen TV pilots (most picked up for series) and over 500 episodes of television for CBC, CTV, Bravo, MTV, TMN and HBO. He’s won multiple CSA, Gemini and DGC awards for shows including 22 Minutes, Made in Canada, Traders, Less Than Kind, Corner Gas, and Rick Mercer Report. Henry is currently developing two TV projects and two feature films including "Shadowbox", which was recently selected for the Whistler Film Festival Praxis Screenwriters Lab and "Dick 2.0", which has won over a dozen laurels in screenplay competitions in 2021/22.

Our Review

The world depicted in this script is bizarre, humorous, and somewhat twisted, yet we thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It makes me wonder if this is the direction our world is headed in. Despite the bleak circumstances, Bill and Lily's biggest fear is being separated from each other. The writer, Henry Sarwer-Foner, does an excellent job of building suspense and illustrating the catastrophic consequences of a post-apocalyptic world, where the only remaining companions are a pessimistic and optimistic AI. I'm excited to see how this script will be adapted into a compelling short film that captivates its audience. Amazing script overall !


Project Type:Short Script

Number of Pages:9

Country of Origin:Canada


First-time Screenwriter:No

Student Project:No

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