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Caiaphas (Short Film Screenplay)


The High Priest of Jerusalem performs a test on a young man who claims to be the Messiah.

Writer Biography - Thomas McCone, Lucas McCone

After studying history, philosophy and science for several years and being an avid debater, Thomas, alongside his identical twin brother, decided to turn his thoughts to screenwriting as a w

Our Review

For a minute, you get excited knowing the young man has some special powers and he could be a Messiah. The high priests shocking reaction and disappointment only reassures this thought. But how cleverly he has allowed the young man's ego to go up and how timely he puts him in place is a suspense that is a surprise even to the reader. Choosing the right characters, suspenseful music score and direction could turn this script to a good short film.


Project Type:Short Script

Genres:Drama, Historical Fiction

Number of Pages:9

Country of Origin:New Zealand


First-time Screenwriter:No

Student Project:No

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