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Full Belly (Short Film Screenplay)


When the government of Great Britain makes cooking illegal and only allows people to feed themselves with government approved food capsules, Frank Owens is determined to keep the art of cooking alive.

Simon Parker Writer

Our Review

The script is intriguing as it explores a possible future for humanity. It presents a creative scenario where eating becomes illegal and is banned. The writer imagines a world where the Full Belly Pill is the norm, raising the question of whether it is a blessing or a curse. While it may seem convenient to simply take two pills and forego the need for growing plants, cooking, and consuming real food, this dystopian future criminalizes such activities. Speculations about where humanity is headed in such a direction can be uncomfortable, as it challenges our current comfort zone.


  • Project Type: Short Script

  • Genres: sci-fi

  • Number of Pages: 10

  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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