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Growl & Bark (Short Film Screenplay)


A sad night turns deadly for a boy and his dog when they are attacked in their home.

Our Review:

Interesting, suspenseful, strong plot & two outstanding characters…The script will give more clarity if converted into a short film. Are the werewolf & the domestic abuser one and the same or are they two different characters in the loose? Whom did Johnny & Prowler encounter? Or is the werewolf a metaphor for the person who is on the hunt to hurt others? If so what the reason for Johnny to receive a alert message about a large unidentified animal attacking the neighbor???


  • Davis Clark


  • Project Type: Short Script

  • Number of Pages: 7

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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