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I Can Almost See (Short Film Screenplay)


Ray is blind and is escorted through the airport by his friend John who has to leave him for his own flight. Before John leaves, he helps Ray withdraw money from the ATM. Ray doesn't realize that some of the money has dropped out of his pocket, but some of the surrounding people have and they want it. Sisters Sarah and Livi wants to help, but dad is one of those that want Rays money. Sarah ignores her dad and saves the day and shames her father who confesses to Ray. Ray doesn't hold a grudge and rewards the girls.

Ingrid Chapman Writer

Our Review

The script is excellent, the characters are charming, and the message is beautiful. However, in a world where every step we take is a challenge, how can we trust our fellow human beings? This script resonates with everyone as it encourages us to never lose hope, no matter what struggles we face. Despite the many obstacles Ray must overcome, kind-hearted individuals like Sarah make our world a better place. With the right casting and direction, this script has the potential to become a great film.


  • Project Type: Short Script, Television Script, Treatment

  • Number of Pages: 13

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • First-time Screenwriter: Yes

  • Student Project: No

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