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JajangMyeon Thank You.


Misook, who is born with paraplegia and a physical disability, is a disabled but extremely ordinary woman. Then one day, my computer broke down and I contact the welfare center to get it repaired. After a while, Nam Mingyu, a repairman, comes. To Mingyu, who is struggling, she recommends eating together, and the two sit face to face and eat jajangmyeon. The two get to know each other a lot and make a date appointment The two finally have their first date. The two of them go on a date in Daehak-ro. The purpose of the two is to move to Samgyeopsal together. However, they are cut at the entrance by their wicked owner. They quarreled with their owners and eventually turned away.

Then, he enters a small sushi restaurant in an electric wheelchair. The two were in a bad mood, but still had good stories. A few days later, they drink beer at a pub You feel sincere feelings for each other when you are drunk, and after a second date, you become a relationship. After that, they're...

Director - Seong Hoon Shin, Hye Young Park

Our Review

Jackson Cheetham steals the show with his great immense acting level, the pain of wait is portrayed in his eyes while he is stranded in the unknown planet. Not a second of dull time in the entire 28 minutes. Writer Jasmine Johnson has woven a beautiful but intense story, celebrating the power of love which makes heroes out of ordinary men. Braeden rises above his impossible circumstances and believes that he will make it out alive. Thanks to the belief his wife reposes in him. Cinematography is breathtaking with some stunning visuals and quaint angles. A soulful love story by Director Raymond Planas.

Director Statement

"Thank you for Black Bean Noodles." Is a film that has the power to entertain, enlighten and inspire. Seong Hoon Shin weaves an intricate and meaningful story of the love that blossom between Mingyu and Mi-sook. thats sure to leaves audiences feeling touched. The desire to be understood, to see yourself mirrored in another person, is an eternal thirst. Precisely presenting the disabled people is the only way that will see improvements to the treatment they deserve to receive. This film is visually spectacular, fascinating and surely rewarding for anyone who work, and admires courage and imagination in filmmaking. The soundtrack is remarkably touching as it brings dreamy and otherworldly feelings with mixed emotion. The film is brilliantly executed. The scenery is absolutely breath taking. Everything about it works, the cinematography, the locations, the acting, the story. Hats off to all who had a hand in getting this one done!


  • Seong Hoon Shin Director

  • Hye Young Park Director

  • Seong Hoon Shin Writer

  • Pictures Light Producer

  • Hyun Young Key Cast

  • Lee Tae Sung Key Cast

  • Kim Yi Jeong Key Cast

  • Lim Ho Key Cast


  • Project Type: Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Short, Student, Television, Web / New Media, Other

  • Genres: Romance, disabled person, Drama, The love story

  • Runtime: 30 minutes

  • Completion Date: September 28, 2022

  • Production Budget: 27,855 USD

  • Country of Origin: Korea, Republic of

  • Country of Filming: Korea, Republic of

  • Language: English, Korean

  • Film Color: Black & White and Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: No

  • Student Project: No

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