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Jamal (Short Film Screenplay)


After being bullied by his peers all day, a sensitive 9-year-old black boy is faced with saving a young girl from a grisly-looking abductor and himself from an oblivious rookie cop.

Our Review:

This was a impressive read and you don’t have to be a child to relate to it. Jamal has always been picked on because of his dressing and has never had good friends at school. A smart kid though who knows whom to trust and whom not to. Arrival of Lily gives new hope but that doesn't last as others in the class take over her. Jamals snitches his classmate and that turns against him rather than impressing Lily. Oh God, how difficult it is for some kids. Making friends and being well placed amongst the peers is the utmost importance for kids at that age. All ends well when Jamal identifies and fights the bad guy and becomes the hero. Great shot film script to read!


  • Matthew J Brojanowski Writer


  • Project Type: Student, Short Script

  • Number of Pages: 8

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: Yes

  • Student Project: Yes - University of Central Florida

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