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Let's Cuddle (Short Film Screenplay)


A middle -aged man who works too much, sleeps too little, and is ignored by his wife, turns to the underground world of professional cuddling to find the intimacy he desires.

Our Review:

Are there so many out there who are so deprived of even basic love & care? It scares to know that this world could be so cruel at times that we need to rent something as basic as a hug as we rent any other materialistic things? Is such services like cuddle, is just an imagination or could it be true? How sad is this world if it is true, stripping of someone and disabling them the possibility of sharing any emotions.

Writer Biography - Katie Haley

I have worked professionally as a writer for many years in the health and beauty industry. I was selected for writing residencies at the Key West Artist Studio's. Wild Acres, North Carolina and Sachaqa Centro de Arte, San Roque, Peru. I have authored a book, creative non-fiction and photography, called "A Diamond for India" published by Peppertree Press. I also write women's literary fiction and poetry.

Writer Statement

Writing is more than self expression, it is an art form of using words to create images in the mind of the reader and birth imaginary characters into life. Currently I am exploring screenwriting as a way to tell stories visually and as a filmmaker I have the intention of being involved in all aspects of the process.


  • Katie Haley Writer


  • Project Type: Student

  • Number of Pages: 20

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: Yes

  • Student Project: Yes

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