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Not All Is Lost (Short Film Screenplay)

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Synopsis: "Lost Connections" follows Ashley, a 50+ year old watercolour artist who lives in Germany with her wife Olga and their cat Molly. Despite her passion for art and love for her wife, Ashley has become consumed by the world of social media. Her obsession with scrolling through her feed all day has meant that she has neglected her close relationships with her friends in her hometown of New York. One day, when Olga asks her to wish her friend Daniel a happy birthday on Facebook, Ashley realises that she has forgotten to contact her friends and that her gay friend Daniel died months ago. This tragic news is a wake-up call for Ashley, who begins to realise the damage that her excessive use of social media has caused in her personal life. She decides to change her attitude and focus on building stronger connections with her loved ones. Through this journey, Ashley learns the importance of balancing her online life with her offline relationships and the value of real, meaningful connections..

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Writer Biography - Sophie von Rheden I am a self-taught, passionate first-time writer and I am thrilled that my first feature film script, based on my personal experiences, has won three awards. Born in Hannover/Germany, I came to Madrid via Munich/Hamburg/London and live half time on the island of Mallorca.

Writer Statement

“Screenwriters are the opposite of Athletes, they get better with age.” Aaron Sorkin


  • Project Title (Original Language): No todo esta perdido

  • Project Type: Screenplay, Short Script

  • Genres: LBGTQ, Romance, dramedy

  • Number of Pages: 10

  • Country of Origin: Spain

  • Language: English, German, Spanish

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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