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Sneakerhead (Short Film Screenplay)


When she was a little girl, Meredith Jones had a monster under her bed. She returns home as an adult, and finds the monster's still there. And it's hungry.

Jamie Campbell Writer

Our Review

The idea for horror script comes directly from a fear of death that many of us nurture within us. Waking up in the middle of the night, with fear and wrestling with mortality is not uncommon. As a horror writer, one sees a movie script in there. These experiences are usually bottled up. Can that be crafted into a horror film? Can those late-night fears and insecurities be turned to a script? Well, that certainly is what Jamie Campbell has pulled off in Sneakerhead, which certainly is going to give a chill every time we cross a shoe rack with sneakers .


  • Project Type:Short Script

  • Number of Pages:12

  • Country of Origin:United States

  • Language:English

  • First-time Screenwriter:No

  • Student Project:No

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