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Table Fifteen (Feature Film Screenplay)


It’s 2019 in Tokyo’s Shibuya, and Yoko Yamaguchi, centenarian, must right a long-standing wrong: her grandson, now middle-aged Hide Yamaguchi has fallen victim to Yoko’s non-stop story telling about the best friendship of her life with Anna Miyao, the Russian immigrant and concert-level pianist. In 1937, Anna and her husband, Colonel Miyao, move into the house across the lane from the Yamaguchi house.

Because Yoko started telling Hide beautiful, adventurous, and humorous "Anna stories" from the time Hide could listen, he became hopelessly addicted to his imaginary friend, Anna Miyao, starting when he was a little boy, and the fixation has only intensified.

But Yoko has seen a change in Hide as of late; it’s a longing in his eyes, and Yoko believes he’s suffering deeply because he’s in great need of a “real” woman. So Yoko goes to work setting him up with more women, which doesn’t work. So Yoko decides she should try to find a Russian woman on a Russian dating site

Writer Biography - Kevin Dobbs

Kevin Dobbs, after 35 years of publishing fiction, poetry, essays, and academic writing, is getting serious about screenwriting. His screenplays have now placed in a number of competitions and have been nominated at film festivals: Montreal Independent Film Festival (current Nominee), NYC International Screenplay Awards (Finalist), Table Read My Screenplay, ISA Emerging Screenwriters Drama, UK Film Festival London, Portland Screenplay Awards, Toronto Film and Script Awards, Shore Scripts Feature Contest, etc.

Kevin has lived and taught at universities in the USA, China, Japan, the UAE, and Qatar. He's also done considerable NGO work over the years, mainly in the Far East.

Our Review

The script Table fifteen by Kevin Dobbs is both entertaining and educational, which is a powerful mix and can expand one’s life by expanding one’s awareness. This script has the power to connect with our emotions and leave us entertained at the same time. The two main characters Anna Miyao, and Yoko Yamaguchi stay for quite some time even after hours of finishing the script. The writing is so beautiful that it's so easy to visualize every single frame in mind. Friendship has always been an interesting theme for the movie industry. It's like a home cooked comfort meal, nothing can go wrong with it. The switch between the pre war, post war and present happens flawlessly in the script that the story unfolds so beautifully. This script will make an excellent film with the right team.


  • Project Type: Screenplay

  • Number of Pages: 110

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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