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The Herd


A school sports team gets stranded in a forest and find refuge in an abandoned forest bunglow. As night falls, hunger and fear set in, the interactions of the team members becomes more strained. Thats when they discover a book with the legend of the "Chinkari", a witch that the erstwhile tribals in the area believed in. Events happen which lead them to believe that they are indeed being 'hunted'. What follows is a story of human instinct for survival at any cost.

Our Review

No, we can't let the movie end like this without finding out who's knocking on the door. Is it the Witch, the Wild beast, or the bus driver? The film is fast-paced, electrifying, and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as time runs out and the third knock draws near. If you're someone who enjoys being startled and spooked, then this is the perfect movie for you. The young actors give a phenomenal performance, making the movie even more gripping. The house looks out of place, not at all like a house you would find in the jungle.

Director Biography - Deepa Ranganath

Deepa was born South Indian but raised in the North, in New Delhi. She became an ICCR empanelled artist in 1996 and has been associated with theatre and films right from her school days. Her first foray into theatre was a reproduction of 'The Sound of Music', directed by Neena Gupta and Alok Nath and performed at the Kamani Auditorium in 1978. She was just 4 years old. Added to this, her family has been associated with film making for several years and has co-produced films like Roja and Bombay. Deepa attended Convent of Jesus and Mary, Delhi and is an English Literature graduate from the Lady Shriram College for Women, Delhi. She also did her MBA from FORE school of management, Delhi. While she has been running her own successful business for 2 decades, she remained in touch with theatre and music over the years having worked with children in different schools and judging many competitions. She still hold story telling classes and theatre workshops regularly. She also co-directed a science fiction series for Doordarshan in the year 2000. Deepa has had the privilege of being trained in classical Indian music by the virtuosos, Begum Parveen Sultana and Ustad Dilshad Khan. She is an empaneled artist with the Indian Council for Cultiral Relations. She was honoured and performed at the Sahitya Kala Parishad festival in Lucknow in the year 2000 as well awarded the Madras Music Academy Award for the best upcoming young vocalist (Hindustani Classical Vocal). In the year 2017 together with Vishal Sharma, Deepa founded a theatre group called the Working People Production which has already has 7 acclaimed production to date. Deepa’s forte is in directing emotive styles and voice modulations. Her passion is writing her own plays. She has written all the plays that have been performed by her group. These plays are both in Hindi and English and spread over different genres. The beauty of her scripts lie in characterisation. Each role has its significance and stage time. Her stories are also set in different parts of India and she is increasingly becoming known for her women-centric stories. She herself is a talented actress. The pandemic saw her theatre group which has nearly 60 children and 40 adults take to making films (since the stage was not a possibility) to keep the show going on against all odds. The seven short films they made found space on OTTs besides getting great reviews on Youtube as well. This year the children have made two beautiful films which carry though provoking messages.

Director Statement

William Golding's Classic - The Lord of the Flies has fascinated generations of readers. The recent Thai soccer team's real life survival in a similar situation is an anti - thesis to Golding's theory of basic human instinct to survive and for savagery. Our junior thespians wanted to explore what would happen if they were in such a situation and went ahead to make this film and found that Golding is probably the rule and the Thai children the exception.

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