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Three Friends (Short Film Screenplay)


Esme wants to help her close friend get through depression.

Antonina Vanda Morris: Writer

Our Review

Three friends formed a tight-knit trio, sticking together through good times and bad. Yet, their unbreakable bond was put to the test when one of them began experiencing a series of troubling events. As a result, their friendship was shaken to its core and their lives were forever altered.

Their friendship was built on a foundation of trust, shared interests, and mutual support during trying times. However, they soon discover that even the strongest bonds can unravel when one of these crucial components is disrupted. The story of these three friends is a poignant reminder of true friendship and the devastating impact of its loss. This is a refreshing script about friendship that stays with you for sometime after you complete reading it.


  • Project Type:Short Script

  • Number of Pages:9

  • Country of Origin:Canada

  • Language:English

  • First-time Screenwriter:Yes

  • Student Project:No

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