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As a young artist struggles to create and finish his piano recital deadline, everyday he wakes up next to a dead body. A dead body that shadows his every move, regardless of the distance he puts between it or the number of times he disposes of it.

Our Review

Andrew Ogorodnikov, the Writer, deserves commendation for crafting a film that effectively communicates its narrative with no dialogue, showcasing the potency of storytelling through visuals, a delightful background score, and diverse forms of communication. This movie serves as a testament to the idea that compelling storytelling doesn't always rely on spoken words.

The adept utilization of color, texture, and sound dynamically enhances moments of conflict and resolution, showcasing their full potential.

Andrew Mengel's performance is truly exceptional.


  • Andrew Ogorodnikov

  • Andrew Mengel

  • Andrew Mengel

  • Andrew Ogorodnikov

  • Andrew Mengel

  • Sean Castaneta

  • Alexander Robert

  • Reddy R Rajashekar


  • Project Type:

  • Genres:

  • Runtime:

  • Completion Date:

  • Production Budget:

  • Country of Origin:

  • Country of Filming:

  • Language:

  • Shooting Format:

  • Aspect Ratio:

  • Film Color:

  • First-time Filmmaker:

  • Student Project:

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