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What it Means to Love You (Short Film Screenplay)

Updated: Feb 27, 2023


We follow Joey through her struggle of forgiving her newly sober father, who simply wants to love her.

Our Review

What It Means to Love You is a poignant drama that explores the devastating effects of addiction on families, particularly children. Through its powerful storytelling, it reveals how addiction can shatter relationships and leave deep scars that are difficult to heal. The struggle to regain trust and rebuild bonds requires immense effort and perseverance. This sobering and thought-provoking script sheds light on the challenges faced by families grappling with addiction and highlights the importance of compassion and understanding in the healing process.

Writer Biography - Sterling Jerins

Sterling Jerins is a college freshman at Chapman University who took a pause from her acting career to move behind the camera and explore her passions. She has acted in films such as THE CONJURING, WORLD WAR Z and DIVORCE, but now wants to pursue screenwriting and filmmaking in a new way.

Writer Statement

I grew up in the filmmaking world. Initially, I was too young to understand it, but as I grew older I developed a bigger appreciation to what film is. The power of storytelling can transport an audience member out of this world into one where they can be seen, heard, argued with and joked to. It can make you cry and laugh or both at the same time. I started screenwriting at a young age to capture moments of humanity that can connect to audiences no matter their background. I hope to move people, make them laugh and possibly make them cry.

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