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A Normal Life (Short Film Screenplay)


A young girl lives in an old apartment with a strange roommate in the city. One morning, she needs to leave her apartment for an interview. But for some reason, she found herself unable to get out of it. Meanwhile, many people began to express inappropriate interest in her apartment, and her privacy. The head of the residential committee incessantly tries to force her to vote; a male neighbor wants to come into her apartment to return her underwear; a middle-aged lady with a chainsaw wants to saw off an ox leg in her apartment…All these bizarre actions make her deeply disturbed and struggled to calm down until a special “gift” is delivered to her. After opening her gift, she now decides to turn her apartment into a hell. 

Writer Biography - Xiaoxuan QuIris Qu, Graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, MFA of Film production.2011,Graduated from Shanghai institute of visual Arts, Bachelor degree of directing and writing for broadcasting.Carrer experience:2015 - 2016,I worked as assistant director in Shanghai Xiqi film and culture media Co.Ltd. Mainly responsible for the project “New Zealand Gap year” film project " A Year to Love You"2017 - 2021,I worked as associate producer in HUACE GROUP CROTON MEDIA Mainly responsible for IP & Original scripted (television series)  program planning and writing.

Writer Statement

From 2011 till now,I started to work as freelancer, focus on script writing.“The poem in a puzzle city”is my first script program(an original web series), my partner and I have finished 6 episodes so far.


  • Project Type:Short Script

  • Number of Pages:16

  • Country of Origin:China

  • Language:English

  • First-time Screenwriter:No

  • Student Project:No

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