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Dog Gone (Short Film Screenplay)


Max is a horrible person and boss. He doesn't like anyone, even dogs. What happens when the tables are turned on him by the powers that be beyond his own little world?

Writer Biography - Brian Thomas Shirley, Ginger Renee

Ginger Renee is an actor and producer, compelled by the power of storytelling. She'll be starring in a Horror film releasing this fall, and a feature Western releasing early 2023.

Our Review

Brian Thomas Shirley & Ginger Renee, congratulations for writing something that makes the readers smile all along. In just few lines and we knew for sure this is going to be exciting to read. Karma is a boomerang.

Dog Gone is a very sweet story written with enormous enthusiasm and wit. It reminds us that we should enjoy the life we have now, appreciate people like Ellen who have been a part of our growth, see joy in little things like the Mutt crossing the road and have sympathy towards people like Bum and not wish it away. Amazing script. Fantastic work!


Project Type:Screenplay, Short Script

Genres:Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

Number of Pages:10

Country of Origin:United States


First-time Screenwriter:No

Student Project:No

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