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Every Dog Has His Day (Short Film Screenplay)


A popular waitress shows up at her bar job with a problem that only money can solve. She accepts an indecent offer from her boss. The bar's young busboy and middle aged accountant work to subvert the tryst. For the role of Mr. Gonzalez, the middle aged accountant, we have the amazing Christopher Alvarez. He is the most unique film star ever. Don't believe me? Check out his Instagram: Or look at our previous collaborations:

Terrence Ross : Writer

Our Review

Every dog has his day by Terrence Ross is a story involving a horrible boss and three employees. What makes the script work is how truly horrible the boss is and the miserable state the employees are. One is stuck due to his disability, other wants to kill the boss and he dosent know he is pathetic at it. But when it came to protecting their friend Riley, Mr.Gonzales plays it too smart but yes at the cost of his pathetic job. Overall this is a well written script!


Project Type:Short Script

Number of Pages:15

Country of Origin:United States


First-time Screenwriter:No

Student Project:No

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