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Taking the quote from Theodore Roosevelt "The Man In The Arena", this film reminds us to dare greatly, to strive valiantly and to push to achieve.

In the arena all are created equal. The mind challenges the body. The human challenges the beast. To know courage is to know a Bareback Rider. To know commitment is to know a Barrel Racer. And to know precision is to know a Roper. In the arena these people are Gods.

In this film, we feel the courage, commitment, and precision that these people embody. The practice and the struggle that they endure for those few minutes under the lights. The early mornings and late nights, the bruises and blood they shed.

Daring so greatly that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory, nor defeat.

Our Review

IIn the Arena by James Winegar and Alexander Kramer is beautiful, truly, and the stunning photography and film footages are simply breathtaking. This short film catches the essence of the West and its legacy.

Director Biography - James Winegar, Alexander Kramer

JAMES WINEGAR started his career working as a photo assistant in NYC. Along the way he picked up a motion camera and found a fondness for story telling through moving imagery. When not shooting imagery in motion from a vehicle, James enjoys portraits of the West and telling the stories of proven people and their legacy.

Director Statement

In The Arena was the result of a small band of friends who were willing to put in time and effort to make this project possible. We shot over 4 days and worked with very talented horsman/women who inspired us. Daily they strive valiantly, spend themselves in a worthy cause, and dare greatly to achieve the triumph of high achievement.


James Winegar


  • Alexander Kramer

  • Theodore Roosevelt

  • Rachael Winegar

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