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Repress (Short Film Screenplay)

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Tom Alexander Marantz Writer

Project Type:Student, Short Script

Number of Pages:12

Country of Origin:United States


First-time Screenwriter:Yes

Student Project:Yes - Broward College

Our Review

Storytelling is a versatile art form that can be expressed in a variety of styles. It doesn't always have to evoke warm and fuzzy feelings to be impactful. In fact, dark scripts that address serious issues, such as drugs and gun violence, can be just as powerful.

The writers of this particular script take their time in introducing us to Billy, allowing us to witness his struggles as he tries to start anew. Unfortunately, his parents and peers have a difficult time accepting him, leaving him isolated and alone.

The script doesn't shy away from depicting uncomfortable scenes that highlight how easily anyone can obtain a gun and the devastating aftermath it can cause. Despite the best efforts of treatment, therapy, and experimentation, the damage done is often irreparable.

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