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Daniel learns how be alone after spending so much time with his former girlfriend.

Our Review

This short film takes us on a painful journey with the main character, who we assume, for the first part, goes through something. His reactions to his circumstances, while they seem natural, also set an unpredictable background for an even more impounding plot twist, which changes our perspective entirely. The writing of the film is strong. The look and feel, as well as the acting has scope for improvement. The story carried the entire film, and the screenplay made it engaging.


• Director: John Lorenzo Martinez

• Assistant Director: Derek Badger

• Writer: John Lorenzo Martinez

• Producers:

• John Lorenzo Martinez

• Derek Badger


• Key Cast:

• Daniel - John Lorenzo Martinez

• Jasmine - Jasmine Wegleitner

• Chris - Derek Badger

• Troy - Zakaria Nageye

• Derin - Henry Phillips

• Supporting Cast:

• Panya Anand

• Leo Ramos

• Olivia Hogan

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