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Books Don’t Fly (Screenplay)

In a world where books come to life, two volumes of the same adventure novel are divided by a tragic event; Indy and Flo are two parts of the same adventure novel. One morning Indy discovers that Flo has been kidnapped by the evil Mr. Blank, head of the Manuals, and decides to leave to save her. His journey will be full of obstacles and surprises. Helped by the Great Sage Virgil, Odis, an ingenious science fiction novel and Beverly, a sarcastic teen magazine, he will meet Mr. Blank, leader of the Manuals. Will he be able to save Flo his better half?

Our Comments

“Books don’t fly” is a wonderful, happy and interesting screenplay from the world of books. Within a short span, it has elements of love, strength, treachery, friendship and comedic sense. The characters are well written and the screenplay keeps the pace up very well. It would make a fantastic film.

Writer Biography - Andrea Piretti e Pierpaolo Massacci

Biography Andrea Piretti Born in Naples. Graduated in Cinema from the Academy of Fine Arts, director and screenwriter of fictional and documentary projects. Her first short film entitled ANNA was presented in various festivals including the Gala of Cinema and Fiction in Campania where she won the award for Best Actress (Fabrizia Sacchi). In 2018 he made IL DISTACCO, a short documentary set in a nursing home in the province of Caserta. He arrived as a finalist at the Roma Cinema Doc 2019. In the same year, in addition to winning the Mibact contribution for the screenplay of a documentary in production, he made LE VITE DI OUSMANE, another short documentary that he has at various national and international festivals including : Afrika Film Festival (Belgium), Gulf Of Naples Independent Film Festvial (City of Naples Award) and Accordi e Disaccordi (mention for best documentary). In addition to production and writing work, he has also been involved in film training courses since 2016, between Naples and Caserta.

Biography of Pierpaolo Massacci Pierpaolo Massacci was Always passionate about the art of drawing, traditional and digital, and of everything that surrounds and continues to build this world, he has gained various training experiences in the artistic field: first graduated from the Art School, he then obtained a certificate in the course of Comix of the Italian School of Comix (Naples), after which he obtained a three-year degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Graphic Design course, and then enrolled, again at the Academic site, in the specialization course in Animation Cinema. During the years of cinema he made some short films, such as “A strange family”, animated with the particular technique of stop-motion, and the short “Before the end” animated in 2D technique. At the moment he actively participates in the realization of animation projects as a freelance artist.


  • Project Type: Screenplay, Short Script

  • Number of Pages: 10

  • Country of Origin: Italy

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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