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Box of Hope (Feature Film Screenplay)


what would you do if you hated what is going on to protect a person who you are supposed to hate.

Our Review:

The saying goes that all is fair in love and war and this script is about both. Love that blossom in the most unexpected places, under a dilapidated building where a young Jew women is about to be raped by a Nazi soldier. Josep is torn between friendship with Oscar that’s not going well and his own values on the other hand, but values win over his friendship and Josep follow the path of righteousness.

This is a heartbreakingly innocent, touching and honest Script.

Few editing errors have managed to appear in the script. More over the repetitive discussion between Josep & Oscar on the same subject ‘Marriage’ and use of same lines should be trimmed. A little more emotions could be included while Josep returns to the United States and meets Hanna. Over all an excellent script.

Writer Biography - Glenna L Goodman

Born In Providence, RI - Has worked on several short films including WHY THE MOTH LOVES, THE FLAME, THE PAPER ROUTE, USED BOOKS, LAST CALL and SANTA CLAUS IN BAGHDAD. As well as some Features such as THE LENDGED OF LUCY KEYES, BOSTON GIRLS and JUST SAY LOVE. Glenna was also part of the 2006 2007 2008 and 2011, 48 Hour film project. She has been a Production Assistant, and a Script Supervisor, Grip and as well as helping out in other areas of film where needed. Glenna has also written poetry and scripts. Glenna directorial debut was finished in early 2007 for the short film titled THE MISUNDERSTANDING. and was the producer and director of her team for the 2007 48 hour film project (MAKE IT THREE.) She was also the Programming Director for the Artist' Exchange Short Film Festival. Glenna was the program director for RUFF CUTZ 2007 and 2008 She makes her home in Providence RI.

Writer Statement

Glenna is determined to grow as a person, a filmmaker and writer

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