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Embrace Unkonwn


In the short film "Embrace Unkonwn," the potangonist, Tang Hao, finds it extremely difficult to secure a job due to his criminal record, resulting in tremendous pressure in his life. He can only find a low-level position at a factory and works part-time at a car wash after work.Tang Hao is caught off guard by his girlfriend Li Yue's unexpected pregnancy. He is unprepared and only wants to escape. The boy, Lin Ran, grew up in a single-parent family plagued by domestic violence, living in constant fear at home and finding solace in handicrafts. When Tang Hao meets Lin Ran, he sees a reflection of his own childhood, so he takes good care of him. Lin Ran also feels the warmth of love from Tang Hao. Thus, the two embark on a journey of mutual redemption.

Director Biography - PENGJIE ZHAO

I am Zhao Pengjie, currently pursuing a Master's degree in Film Production at Macau University of Science and Technology. I have received several scholarships and awards during my undergraduate studies, including the Advanced Individual Award, at my previous university. I am also certified as a DaVinci Resolve editor and colorist by Blackmagic Design.

Director Statement

In my short film "Embrace Unkonwn," I aim to portray how children can enlighten and nourish the adult world, while reflecting on the shortcomings and self-reflection of adults in raising and nurturing children. Through the interaction between Tang Hao and Lin Ran, both characters undergo a personal growth. By depicting Tang Hao's sympathy and care for Lin Ran, the film provides a profound examination of child education and growth. It may have a simple and subtle plot, but I believe it strikes a deep chord with audiences. Through the lives and experiences of characters from the lowest echelons of society, the film aims to capture the essence of human emotions and the spirit of the times.


  • PENGJIE ZHAO Director


  • XUEFEI QIN Writer

  • YUFEI TAO Producer


  • YUHANG LI Key Cast "LIN RAN" Godspeed



  • Project Title (Original Language): 也无风雨

  • Project Type: Feature, Short, Student, Other

  • Runtime: 24 minutes 32 seconds

  • Completion Date: September 9, 2023

  • Production Budget: 30,000 CNY

  • Country of Origin: China

  • Country of Filming: China

  • Language: Chinese

  • Shooting Format: Digital

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: No

  • Student Project: Yes - Macau University of Science and Technology

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