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Fresh Cut Flowers (Screenplay)

Set post-2008 financial crisis, Fresh Cut Flowers is a genre-bending heist film featuring four women of color, all with unique skills and personalities that blend together as they plan their next (and final) heist. Dahlia, Poppy, Daisy, and Rose, have been heisting the homes of sleazy bankers ever since the Great Recession began. They grapple with the weight of the world as they face planning their final heist together. At the heart of it, Fresh Cut Flowers is a fun and exciting exploration of feminism, anti-capitalism, and just women being badass geniuses in a genre where we all-too-often see the same James Bond look-a-likes over and over again. Women (of color) can rob banks in a cool and sleek manner too.

Writer Biography - Imani M. Davis

Imani Davis is a Chicago-based film producer, writer, curator, and engagement strategist. She has a background in cinema history and theory, and is passionate about making the untold stories of our world come to life, ensuring high quality, accessibility, and diversity throughout the process. She has been the recipient of Reunion Chicago's Cultural Producer's Grant and Mezcla Media Collective's & Banner TV's Inaugural Film Microgrant. She most recently served as the lead producer for short film "By a Thread", which is currently in post-production. Imani is the founder of Chicago Made Shorts, a new digital platform showcasing work in the city of Chicago by local established and emerging filmmakers. She is also an emergent film scholar, curator, and critic, collaborating with organizations such as Open Television, Reunion Chicago, Sixty Inches from Center, Mezcla Media Collective, That’s My Entertainment, Video Librarian, Doc Films, and the Block Museum of Art. Imani received her Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from the Ohio State University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Leadership for Creative Enterprises at Northwestern University, a program connecting creative expertise with the business knowledge necessary to lead in Entertainment, Media and the Arts.

Writer Statement I am all about reworking and refreshing the canon of film in an accessible and diverse manner. This is at the core of my mission as a producer primarily and a writer. Not every story about women of color has to be traumatic and sad and depressing. We have fun. We deserve our Avengers/Fast N Furious/Transformers types of stories too, and we deserve the budgets to back them. Fresh Cut Flowers is my contribution to a canon in need of some more badass, intelligent, queer, funny, and just plain awesome women.


  • Project Type: Screenplay, Short Script

  • Genres: Heist, Femme-Driven, Feminist

  • Number of Pages: 15

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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