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A musical gardener ejects his hired hand, leading to things on his little planet going horribly astray.

Our Review

How to cry on command is a beautiful telling of digital anxieties. The performances are great and the dynamics between the characters felt authentic. Colyse Harger performance toward the end is delightful. For a second you can feel all of Matties emotions while she breaks down and cries uncontrollably and the next second you are sure to be shocked while she asks ‘was that good’? Wylie Anderson has delivered a funny but thought provoking short film.

Director Biography - Christopher Angus

Chris began dabbling with animation in 1993 as part of the commercial arts course that he was taking at that time. Becoming fascinated with the animator’s craft, he began attending workshops held by the Manitoba Society of Independent Animators (MSIA). Chris received funding from MSIA in the form of space and equipment usage and set up shop in MSIA’s studios working on his first film the Urge when time permitted. the Urge was completed in the spring of 2001.

After several years of production, Chris completed the Urge 2 - It Lies Within. During this time, Chris taught an animation course at the Winnipeg Art Gallery - Studio Programs, worked on several small animated commercials, and began working on a screenplay for a feature film. the Urge 2 - It Lies Within has won over 15 awards at international film festivals to date, including best film, best filmmaker, and best animator.

Then Chris completed his next film, Futureworld. It has won over 13 awards in “Best of” categories, as well as various other awards.

Chris’ most recent film, Hinter-Land is now beginning its film festival run and has already won several awards.

While working on music and sound for Hinter-Land Chris began animating the vignette - Healing for the Nations.

Currently Chris is in the animation stages of his next film.

Director Statement

I was happy that, for me at least, in the end this film has even more of a hauntingly beautiful essence than I had originally intended. I hope everyone viewing this film is as touched by it as I’ve found myself to be and that they find it having meaningful insights and fresh perspectives.


• Director: Christopher Angus

• Writer: Christopher Angus

• Re-recording Mixer: Andrew Yankiwski

• Senior Sound Effects Editor: Auston Green

• Sound Effects Editor: Paul Blandford

• Original Score: Paul Shrofel

• Animator/Artist: Christopher Angus

• Producer: Christopher Angus

• Key Cast:

• Andrew Yankiwski as “Narrator”

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