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It's Really You (Short Film Screenplay)


A priest arrives at a house to perform an exorcism, unaware that he's about to be reunited with an old flame.

Rich Rose Writer

Our Review:

This is a love story of great ambition. In this tale, the afterlife is portrayed as a vivid and tangible existence, rather than a mere absence. It can be either a source of fear or a gateway to eternal salvation. The author takes pleasure in exploring the limitless possibilities of what lies beyond, demonstrating the power of imagination.

The story follows the extraordinary journey of Lily, who, driven by her love for Father James, never gives up on her quest to return to the land of the living. Her unwavering devotion and determination make for a compelling read, as she navigates the unknown realm of the afterlife in her pursuit of true love.


  • Project Type: Short Script

  • Genres: Horror, Romance, Drama

  • Number of Pages: 16

  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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