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How to Cry on Command


An 11-year-old, determined student struggles with being real and authentic in her "How To Cry on Command" class (among others) at dystopian grade school: Celebrity Preparatory for Girls.

Our Review

How to cry on command is a beautiful telling of digital anxieties. The performances are great and the dynamics between the characters felt authentic. Colyse Harger performance toward the end is delightful. For a second you can feel all of Matties emotions while she breaks down and cries uncontrollably and the next second you are sure to be shocked while she asks ‘was that good’? Wylie Anderson has delivered a funny but thought provoking short film.

Director Biography - Wylie Anderson

Wylie Anderson is a 24-year-old director, actor, writer & producer living in Los Angeles. She’s passionate about creating characters and content that uplift the messy, funny, weird, bizarre, complicated stories of women, as well as exploring digital anxieties.@wylieanderson


• Director: Wylie Anderson

• Writer: Wylie Anderson

• Producer: Roxanne Griffith

• Executive Producers:

• Wylie Anderson

• Richard Dean Anderson (Known for: “MacGyver”, “Stargate SG-1”)

• Caroline Pommert-Allegrante (Known for: Casting Department of “Black Panther”, “Ms. Marvel”)

• Key Cast:

• Colyse Harger as “Mattie”

• Lane Townsend as “Principal T”

• Wylie Anderson as “Miss H”

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