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La Strasbourgeoise


Adapted from the military song of the same name, this Alsatian historical drama takes you to the heart of a forgotten historical period.

With a vision of war centered on the heartbreak of a family, this short film explores the depths of human suffering, a true awareness of the daily lives of civilians during the fighting.

Our Review

La Strasbourgeoise is a brilliant attempt by Anaïs GASPARINI. Loved the writing, pace, cinematography, aesthetics and visuals that builds the tension in those few minutes. La Strasbourgeoise is a pulse pounding portrait and raw depiction of the horrors of war. So many films have been shot about war and yet it rattles us each time we come across a new one. This one is definitely a powerful short film presenting the inhumanities of war leashed by a handful of people in power over the fragile majority of ordinary people. Nothing more to say about this excellent film.

Congratulations team La Strasbourgeoise…

Director Biography - Anaïs GASPARINI

With a highly diversified profile, this multi-talented French artist got her start as an actress. Today, she heads up A.C.U Production, her own film production company, and is also a screenwriter and director.

At the age of 22, starting from scratch, she created everything as a perfect autodidact. The courage to dare, to take risks, to expand her comfort zone, to create her own path, is a familiar path for her. "La Strasbourgeoise" is her first solo film, entirely self-financed thanks to months of hard work to raise the sum of 3000€.

Director Statement

Following the return of war to Europe and political instability in her beloved country, Anaïs Gasparini is currently writing a feature-length historical film in the service of peace. In this new project, she takes us on a three-generation family journey through the wars of 1870, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. It's a film full of emotion and humanity, an attempt to stop the infernal loop of wars that punctuate history. With this film, she hopes to make people think and unite them in the cause of peace. So that the famous phrase "Never again", rooted in the experience of the Shoah, becomes a universal appeal for the times to come.



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