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Make A Wish (Short Film Screenplay)


Lumi's 9th birthday picnic is predictably thwarted by her beloved brother's debilitating illness. While her parents tend to his hospital needs, Lumi finds herself on a picnic alone in the woods, but she is not alone. Something is watching her... Lumi has made a birthday wish that she clings onto with all the magic of childhood - will it come true in time?

Our Review:

The script narrates a strong story told in a simple language. Its packed with intense emotions, subtle characters and little twists. It is an entertaining script as it manages to tell a story that is filled with dreams, wishes and the belief that they come true too. Overall a beautifully written scrip!

Writer Biography - Robyn Pete

Robyn grew up in a rural South African community of diverse story tellers. Many years later she was profoundly affected by the power of story after reading ‘Coyote Medicine’ – the autobiography of an M.D and Shaman, Lewis Mehl Madrohna, who she went on to meet on various occasions. She was awarded a Cum Laude in her first Masters degree in Stellenbosch University in Drama and Film Studies and did her second Masters in Screenwriting at the London Film School. Her first feature length screenplay, Blackbird, was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA and the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013 where it was named “Best of the Fest”. Robyn works across various storytelling mediums specialising in writing and film and has coined the term ‘story~weaver’ as someone who brings together strands of a narrative and arranges them into the story that needs to be told.

Writer Statement Each narrative is a tapestry with one thread resonating just a bit more than the others. Feel it. Follow it. Fulfil it.

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