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Marbles (Short Film Screenplay)


In a world where lives are measured by a jar of marbles and our days are literally numbered, a 52 year old woman is coming to terms with and preparing for her final days with her family. As she reminisces the time she's had with her family, her daughter has yet to realize her mom will be gone soon until it's almost too late.

Writer Biography - Danielle Elise Olson

Danielle Olson is currently a student at the Academy of Art University working on her Masters of Arts with an emphasis in 2D Animation. Her goal is to complete her animated short films and submit them to festivals in the future.

Writer Statement

My stories focus on tough, but relatable subjects that families and individuals go through such as depression, addiction, and grief. The hope is that these short films shed light on the topics they focus on.


  • Danielle Elise Olson Writer

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