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Modern Warfare (Short Film Screenplay)


After being threatened by his mom to move to the basement, an imaginative, frail teenager is challenged by his cocky, gym rat brother in their high school’s dodgeball tournament to claim their shared room all to himself.

Writer Biography - Matthew Stewart

Matt Stewart is a current senior Creative Producing major at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film & Media Arts. He is currently looking to pursue producing and development opportunities for both his own work, as well as any other IP that's clever, witty, and concise.

Writer Statement

Hey! This script has been an incredible opportunity to explore my tense relationship with my brother in an absurd manner. Not only did I want to emphasize the importance and potential strength of sibling relationships, but I've also been so curious in exploring parallels between my own experiences with pieces of history.

In the case of Modern Warfare, I found a strong alignment between the brothers' relationship and the Battle of Verdun, which commenced between the powerless French forces and the relentless German army during World War I. Getting to apply my interest in this historical battle to my personal story was a blast!

Our Review

Matthew Stewart creates a world that beautifully depicts Siblings and their wonderful relationship. The contrasting personalities of the nerd Nick & macho Chris is a complete entertainment. The writing is crisper, stronger and effective. The entire narrative plays out like a breeze, thanks to Sydney sisters, teasing and bonding. It just sparks beautiful emotions within Nick and what follows is such a warm ending. Waiting to see this script turn into a successful short film. Well written! Kudos!


  • Project Type:Student, Short Script

  • Genres:Action, Comedy

  • Number of Pages:13

  • Country of Origin:United States

  • Language:English

  • First-time Screenwriter:Yes

  • Student Project:Yes - Chapman University

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