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My Heart

A touching story about the love students have for their teacher who's sick in hospital.

Director Biography - Yaser Talebi

Yaser Talebi was born in Sari, North of Iran, in 1982. Yaser Talebi is an Iranian film director, producer, screenwriter, Editor, and a documentary director. Yaser Talebi is known as a documentarian who makes poetic and social environmental films. He already teaches in movie training institutes and makes documentary series and telefilm for Iranian TV channels. He travels around his home town meeting its people and exploring the environment, history and culture of the different regions. He has been famous as an innovative and creative director and aesthetic expert. He has been the planner and advisor in many advertisement projects for big companies. Beside producing and directing advertisement trailers, he teaches directing and editing courses. He has also worked as cameraman and editor in many projects. Yaser Talebi is also an active member of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (IRDFA).

Director Statement

My Heart is a short film about a class making cards for their sick teacher. It’s mostly narration with shots of artwork the kids have made for their teacher who is sick and in the hospital. This film is short and sweet and might be a nice filler for a film festival. Although it has religious tones, it still has a good message. In just two minutes, “My Heart” tells the heartbreaking and heartwarming tale of the students from a classroom wanting to provide a new heart for their teacher, who is sick, through drawings.


  • Yaser Talebi Director

  • Yaser Talebi Writer

  • Fariba Arab Producer

  • Yaser Talebi Key Cast


  • Project Type: Documentary, Short

  • Runtime: 2 minutes

  • Completion Date: May 21, 2020

  • Production Budget: 4,000 USD

  • Country of Origin: Iran, Islamic Republic of

  • Country of Filming: Iran, Islamic Republic of

  • Language: Persian

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: No

  • Student Project: Yes

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