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On Your Way


Rose is on her way to a destiny that may not be her own. But during a car breakdown she meets Angelo who will have a great impact on the rest of her journey.

Our Review

Rose comes across as a cold and reluctant person unwilling to help Angelo who willingly came forward to help her as she was stuck in a no man’s land. But as Rose slowly warms up to the out spoken and charming Angelo as she finds herself at ease and for the first time ever she tries to question herself what she really wants. The few hours she accidentally spends with Angelo seems to be an awakening for Rose and gives her the confidence to pursue her passion. This short film by Eva Tanoni is sweet and delicate. The dialogue, background score, cinematography and casting adds credits to this film.

Director - Eva Tanoni


• Director: Eva Tanoni

• Writer: Eva Tanoni

• Writer: Amina Muhibi

• Producer: Eva Tanoni

• Key Cast “Rose”: Cassandra Latreille

• Key Cast “Angelo”: Victor Thibault

• Original Score: Sebastian Tanoni

• Editor: Eva Tanoni

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