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Piggy (Screenplay)

Piggy follows the aftermath of a young man who gets in trouble with the law for a little mischief. The events that unfold afterward reveal a dark secret that should have remained hidden, for it will change his life forever

Writer Biography - Don Willis

Author: Tale of the Penitent Thief *Awards* -Finalist-International Book Awards (2014), -Winner-Golden Quill Book Choice (2015) Screenwriter: The Penitent Thief (2018), -The Penitent Thief is a Biblical fiction feature film released in Dec 2020. Production companies associates are Miles Media Films and 4:13 Films. -Stars:Kevin Sorbo, James Russo, Jay Giannone and Stelio Savante. Screenwriter: The Tie That Binds (short script- drama) * Awards* -Official Selection- Christian Film Festival (2018); -Winner, Best Script- Christian Film Festival (2018); -Winner, Best Writer- Christian Film Festival (2018); -Winner- Fan Favorite, Christian Film Festival (2018); -Official Selection- Rome Elephant Film Festival (2018); -Winner- Achievement in Screenwriting, Hollywood -International Moving Pictures Film Festival (2018); -Semi-Finalist- Austin Revolution Film Festival, (2018) -Official Selection- Rome Prisma Awards, (2018) Screenwriter: The Odyssey of Homer Ledbetter (feature-comedy) *Awards* -Best comedy Feature Screenplay- Los Angeles Film Awards (2018) -Best comedy Feature Screenplay- Los Angeles Cinefest (2018) -Best Comedy Feature Screenplay- Top Indie Film Awards (2018) -Semi-Finalist- Austin Revolution Film Awards (2018) -Semi-Finalist- Atlanta Comedy Film Festival (2018) -Official Selection, Rome Prisma Awards (2018) -Official Selection Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival (2018) Screenwriter: eVA (short script-horror) *Awards* - Best Screenplay- Dallas 48 Film Festival Screenwriter: Piggy (short script-horror) *Awards* - Winner, Honorable Mention, Best Short Script- Los Angeles Film Awards (2020) - Winner, Best Short Script - Cult Critic Film Awards (2020) - Winner, Silver Award, Best Short Script- Hollywood Gold Awards (2020) - Winner, Best Short Script- Florence Film Awards (2020) - Winner, Best Short Script- Five Continents International Film Festival (2020) - Finalist, Best Short Script- Screen Power Film Festival (2020) - Finalist, Best Short Script- Top Shorts Film Festival (2020) - Finalist Best Short Script - 13Horror Film Awards (2020) - Semi-Finalist, Best Short Script- Loudoun Arts Film Festival (2020) - Official Selection, Best Short Script - New York Movie Awards (2020) - Nominee, Best Short Script - Jean Luc Goddard Trophy (2020)


  • Project Type: Short Script

  • Number of Pages: 10

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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