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Sky is not empty!

For centuries, the people of the North of Iran use traditional ways of hunting birds (catching quietly), but the way of hunting called Doma or Daam’gaah is only specific to Fereydonkenar region.

Ghasem is a young man who haunts immigrating birds for living.He wakes up each -day after a constant nightmare that there is no bird in the sky. Sky is not empty.

Ghasem: Sometimes I wake up after the nightmare that there may be no bird a day!! No bird immigrates here! It is quiet every where, and the sky is empty.

Sky is not empty!

Director Biography - Yaser Talebi

Yaser Talebi was born in Sari, North of Iran, in 1982. Yaser Talebi is an Iranian film director, producer, screenwriter, Editor, and a documentary director. Yaser Talebi is known as a documentarian who makes poetic and social environmental films. He already teaches in movie training institutes and makes documentary series and telefilm for Iranian TV channels. He travels around his home town meeting its people and exploring the environment, history and culture of the different regions. He has been famous as an innovative and creative director and aesthetic expert. He has been the planner and advisor in many advertisement projects for big companies. Beside producing and directing advertisement trailers, he teaches directing and editing courses. He has also worked as cameraman and editor in many projects. Yaser Talebi is also an active member of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (IRDFA).

Director Statement

Autobiography: I was born in a happy six-person family. My father is a tailor and my mother is housekeeper. Although no one was interested in arts in our family and relatives, I was interested in painting and I was fond of nature. As my grandmother, dear Leyli, I studied science course at high school, because she liked me to be a doctor. But after receiving my diploma, I realized that I follow my interest not other’s! I was waiting impatiently each year for summer holidays to leave the city for village and enjoy looking around! While I grew older, I faced an abstract world without any fantasy! I made a decision those days; a resolution which opened new window for me! Influenced by my childish zeal and in order to revive all those enthusiasm, I chose “cinema”! Indeed, I was fond of drama when I was just a little boy, and being an actor was inside me. Sometimes, I played the role of a bus driver, who drove us to the village, or my grandfather who was a great rancher in heart of jungles of Mazandaran, or the baker across our street! I painted many of my moments. I learned painting from my uncle, Ali, who was four years elder than me; he was deaf! First, I played a comic drama with my classmates when I was just 11 years old! After high school, I turned to cinema for my enthusiasm! Once I started the course, nostalgia embedded me and incidents around me passed like frames of a movie in front of me. I committed many trials and errors because of my strong zeal for learning. I have never been an assistant in any film nor stood behind the scenes of any film. I learned cinema through watching movies and reviewing the past memories and the daily lives of people, not at institutes, workshops or university. However, my grandmother still calls me “Doctor”, because she liked me to be a doctor!


  • Yaser Talebi Director

  • Yaser Talebi Writer

  • mitra roohimanesh Producer

  • mitra roohimanesh Key Cast


  • Project Type: Documentary, Short

  • Runtime: 15 minutes

  • Completion Date: September 23, 2015

  • Production Budget: 500 USD

  • Country of Origin: Iran, Islamic Republic of

  • Country of Filming: Iran, Islamic Republic of

  • Shooting Format: digital

  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: No

  • Student Project: Yes

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