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Sweat (Feature Film Screenplay)

Synopsis: When an Army ranger is forced to pass an unconventional sobriety program or face a dishonorable discharge, she stumbles upon a dark plot within the facility capable of undoing her past while sabotaging her future

Our Review:

Kudos to the writer. Most of the elements required for a good screenplay is in place. Like a puzzle, each scene fills the place well and gives a story worth sharing. Our lady Jordon - the protagonist of this script, her character is well-rounded, believable and authentic. The protagonist’s ability to fix a problem has enabled the story to develop and move forward. Though Jordon is strong, no dramatics, just business sort of person, she comes with her own flaws. This makes us connect to a character unlike portraying the protagonist as God-like. This story has good amount of twist & turns, and surprise elements. But a little more depth & clarity is required to justify why Mayvie does certain things.

The plot has well tied the events in the story together, but why does it all happen? is the mystery unexplained. The structure of the script is well woven, with the events moving steadily between the present & the past well defined when they occur. "Sweat" is a story worth sharing.

Writer Biography - Hyten Davidson

Hyten Davidson is an actor and writer based in NYC. As a screenwriter, she's won the 'Best Screenplay' awards at the Shortcut 100 International Film Festival, The TSWY International Film Festival, The South Shore Film Festival, The FunMill Film Fest, The New York True Venture Film Festival and recently won the South Texas International Film Festival's "Best Pitch" event, among other accolades. Dune Grass Pictures recently produced her short "The West Virginian Starfish" with Hyten co-directing. Other produced writing credits include: KMB Entertainment's "A Culture of Silence" now available on Amazon Prime, and Multiple Hats Productions' "Love at First Like" now distributed on Bebop Channel TV via Roku. Check out for more.


  • Project Type: Screenplay

  • Genres: Thriller, Drama

  • Number of Pages: 99

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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